The Island Beyond

The island looked so close,

still washed in sunlight, the low hills

green and purple under the sky.

waves lapped at my feet, darkening

the sand-gold beach to umber.

I grasped the dinghy, wading out,

jumping in, pulling swiftly at the oars

towards my land of mystery and magic.

The sea, rolling, made a soft music,

light reflected, making a bright ribbon

stretching across the blue grey sea.

Looking over my shoulder, the island

seemed far off in the distance

though the mainland was receding.

I rowed harder, when next I looked

I could see cottages on the shore,

a glow of excitement gave me energy,

then I felt a sudden swell, the tide turned.

My pleasure faded, I must go back,

no use rowing against it in so small a boat.

Somehow I turned it round, waves rolling,

the long shore beckoned, the sea rose higher,

then currents captured the small craft,

struggling, I found myself in clearer water,

but stll how far the land, wild thoughts

of whether I could swim that distance rippled

across my mind; a fear arose, perhaps

I would be lost at sea forever, drifting

endlessly on unknown waters.

The sea loosed it’s grip, the shore came closer,

soon I was leaping out, pulling the boat on land.

They waited on the beach, ‘Where were you,

we couldn’t see you, we worried!’

I couldn’t tell them, it was a mad impulse,

A need for some great adventure.

I turned, looking across the vast expanse,

the sun a golden circle, turning the sea to silver,

the island black against the far horizon.








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