I saw him fall in love with a woman like a Siamese cat,
sleek and elegant with cool blue eyes in a painted face,
smooth cream hair and a high pitched voice, given to squealing.

I watched him chase a plump and teasing kitten,
white and amber coat, pink mouth and sharp green eyes,
Small sheathed claws, and fond of mewing softly for his attention

I watched him slaver feverishly over a lion woman,
large and gold maned with honey coloured eyes,
soft predatory paws ending in scarlet tips, her voice a roar.

That was the last straw, end of tether time, the final cause,
time to take charge, time for a change, alter the status quo
I would undergo a metamorphosis, become a different creature

I sought out secrets in dim mysterious places,
I went in caves to seers and sorcerers and shamans,
until in arcane lore and ancient tomes I found out how to do it.

The change was slow, then swiftly gathered pace,
one day I woke to find my body furred and gleaming
in stripes of black and amber gold. I prowled across the room.

.The mirror showed a lithe and lissome tigress
with glistening teeth and burning narrowed eyes.
I padded out the door into a morning dense with scents.

In turn I found the Siamese, the kitten,
they’ll neither squeal nor mew at him again.
The Lion was easy, I found her drowsed with sleep.

I bounded home and found him just awakening
He cowered in the bed, but I was in no hurry,
I licked blood from my paws, his teeth chattered in anguish.

Then I rose and softly fawned on him,
Placing my soft fur face upon his chest and neck
he shook with terror at my touch, I licked his ash pale face.

Now he has lost his fear, he knows me now,
He walks me in the park, I wear an emerald collar
he’s proud of me, his lovely tigress, my soft growls and gentle ways.

He does not know that when he is most sure,
When he is quite certain I will do no harm,
I will turn and rend him, tear and kill him fast,
Then bound away to seek the jungles of my desire.


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